A.T.M.Caving Adventure

This Belize Caving Adventure (daytime) is  one of our Specialties!

Through work alongside archaeologists, ACTION BOYS BELIZE is one of only four companies within Belize awarded permission to lead groups into newly uncovered caves such as Actun Tunichil Muknal. Recent press coverage can be found in National Geographic Adventurer and the New York Times.

01 Crossing the Frist River 02 Jungle Trail


03 Marguay Tracks 04 Tapir Tracks


We will lead you through the lush subtropical forest of the Tapir Mountain Reserve to the crystal blue waters surrounding the entrance of this remarkable limestone cave. Through its passages we encounter sparkling centuries old stalactites and stalagmites and discover hidden chambers full of Maya artifacts and remains that reveal the rituals and ceremonies of a lost world.


07 Entering the Cave 10 Curtain Stalactites



11 Climbing Up to the Burial Sites 14 More Stalactites


12 Dave Winding Through the Cave 15 Stalagmites


16 Pottery Fragments 17 Pottery with Hieroglyph


18 Human Bones 19 Starting Back Through the Cave


24 Tight Squeeze 21 Ladders Required


23 Stalactites