About Us - Action Boys Belize

ACTION BOYS  BELIZE :  is a group of tour guides (  friends ) that came together to offer  you their services at the lowest  rates possible. They were all employed  by the larger tour companies as  freelance tour guides. Donald  Ramirez ( A.K.A. Action Boy )  went on his own and we  joined in later. Today our team consist of 6 members that are all ready  to give you an UN- BELIZE- ABLE TIME. For the past 6  years, ACTION BOYS BELIZE has  enjoyed providing you with high-quality eco-tourism products and  services.


Our goal is to offer  exceptional nature and eco-tours to the various natural wonders of Belize  and Central America. Come with us and  experience the wonders of the last wild place on earth!



Donald Ramirez


Donald  Ramirez was born in the southern Town of Dangriga in 1973. He grew up in a  Village known as La Libertad. Donald’s grandmother was a  Bush Doctor ( Herbal Healer ). It was from his  grandmother he got his knowledge of Medicinal Plants

 His mother was a history teacher at The Corozal  Community College. His natural love for history came from his  mother. Donald moved to Belize  City in 1987 to do high school. In 1991 Donald  graduated with honors and went to the University Of The  West Indies majoring in Indian  History.

Donald  was recruited in the Belize Police Department in 1994.  He served with the Anti Drug Unit ( then known as Dragon  Unit ). He served the Department for 10 years and started this  company. Today  Action Boys Belize is one of the top Adventure Tour Company in Belize.


All  of our tour guides are licensed with The Belize Tourism Board and we  are all ready to give you an experience you will never for get. We  operate on the mainland offering strictly private tours to all visitors.  We also offer our services to cruise ship passengers who would like to  have a great time without paying much. 

We  also allow you to go through  the website and create your own tour  packages. You suggest your tour packages to us and we will inform you if  it can be done in one day. It is best to book combination tours. this  way you save. If you are travelling with only one partner, tours will  cost more if you book single tours. So, book combination and save.

We  also offer our tours to kids of all ages. So if you are on a cruise or  just visiting and wish to do an activity with kids, let us know and we  will try our best to accommodate you. Below are picture of cave tubing  and zip line with kids. The youngest we have done cave tubing and zip  line with was three years old. Safety is our #1 priority, so there is  nothing to worry about.